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Architecture Critic Paul Goldberger vs. Dallas’ Museum Tower

Yesterday, in the interest of fairness, I aired the response of Museum Tower to my post on the harm that the glare of its highly reflective skin is causing the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Just so I don’t leave you with the mistaken impression that I agree with the condo’s take on this contretemps, here’s my Twitter exchange this morning with Vanity Fair‘s distinguished architecture critic, Paul Goldberger:

Lee Rosenbaum @CultureGrrl
Museum Tower says only solution to harm it’s causing @ NasherSculpture is altering Renzo’s roof. What about plantings?.

Paul Goldberger
Paul Goldberger
@CultureGrrl @nashersculpture Re Museum Tower, it’s amazing that they still feel it’s the victim building that needs to make adjustments

Lee Rosenbaum
Lee Rosenbaum @paulgoldberger @nashersculpture Paul, you’re so right! Tower has also destroyed the Turrell skyspace, which the artist has now renounced.

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