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BlogBack: Executive Director of DC Preservation League on the Corcoran Filing

Worth Preserving: A staircase at the Corcoran
Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

Rebecca Miller, executive director of the
DC Preservation League, responds to
Preservationist Battle: National Historic Places Designation Sought for Interior of Corcoran Gallery:

Although I appreciate the coverage of our filing, I’m
concerned by the perception that it was a hostile act. Your title,
“Preservation Battle,” insinuates that there is a war being waged between
the Corcoran and the preservation community. The DC Preservation League has
been very clear that our only motivation for filing for designation of the
interior of the Corcoran is to ensure that whether if it is sold or not, the interior spaces are protected from alteration that would
unduly compromise the significance of the structure.

Preservation does not need to be a battle between
the preservation community and the owner. It’s about managing change—not
obstructing the efforts of the owner.

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