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How to Get Yourself on CultureGrrl UPDATED

Video-blogger at work
Photo © by Jill Krementz

My blog posts are strictly the result of my own news sense (or lack thereof). As you know, I choose to write about (and point my cameras at) only a select group of exhibitions, events and publications. I have enough enthusiastic feedback and visitor traffic to know that what I’m interested in, you’re interested in.

While my coverage is not for sale, there’s an easy, underutilized way to bring to the attention of CultureGrrl‘s engaged artworld audience your exhibitions, events and publications: As of tomorrow, my righthand column, which has available space for several in-rotation ads (not just the one that you see there right now) will be vacant.

With the new art season upon us, I do hope to see that space filled with images of intriguing artworks, publications, events and art-related merchandise. You can easily set this in motion by clicking here. [UPDATE: Now somebody has, as you can now see. Please keep ’em coming!]

If you’ve got nothing to promote, but just want to encourage me to keep on with this improvident project, please press my middle column’s “Donate” button to give CultureGrrl a token of your affection (via secure PayPal transaction). Supporters will receive my immediate thanks and future e-mailed links to all new posts, as soon as they appear (unless you choose not to).

That’s enough self-advertising. But I hope to see at least a few of my many devotees taking this appeal semi-seriously.

Meanwhile, that Grrl in the top photo has another amateur video in production, to amuse her dedicated art-lings.

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