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Party Time at Detroit Institute: Champagne Spillage for the Millage


They were celebrating last night at the Detroit Institute of Arts, as voting results indicated success for the museum’s millage.

Mark Stryker of the Detroit Free Press reports:

A crucial millage for the Detroit Institute of Arts passed easily in Wayne and Oakland counties, but was approved by the slimmest of margins in Macomb County as the final votes were tallied….

The millage passed by just 1,340 votes [in Macomb], with a total of 125,200
votes cast. The margin was 50.5% in favor of the tax, and 49.5% against.

The measure was enjoying a much wider margin in both Wayne and Oakland counties. In Oakland, 64% were in favor and 36% opposed, with 62% of the vote counted. In Wayne, 69% were in favor and 31% opposed, with 85% of the vote counted.

The property tax millage promises as much as $23 million for the DIA for 10 years.

One party photo from MLive, featuring Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing, also shows a faintly smiling but very tired looking Graham W.J. Beal, the museum’s director, standing behind the Mayor. Beal well knows that while he’s bought some time to build an endowment large enough for a business operation sustainable over the long haul, there’s much work yet to be done in a difficult economic climate.

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