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Coming Soon: My LA MOCA Commentary (with Knight, Storr) on “Which Way, LA?” UPDATED

Warren Olney, host of KCRW’s “Which Way, L.A.?”

If all goes according to plan you can hear me comment on the MOCA mess this evening on KCRW radio , along with LA Times art critic Christopher Knight and Robert Storr, dean of Yale University’s School of Art. I’ll be crunching numbers and they’ll be crunching Jeffrey Deitch on Warren Olney‘s Which Way, LA?. You can listen live to us at 7 p.m. LA time (10 p.m., NYC time).

[UPDATE: My apologies. I apparently gave you the wrong link for live-listening. But I will be embedding the broadcast for you to listen to on CultureGrrl very shortly, in my next post.]

I’ll post a link to the show when it’s up, and embed the audio (if possible) on CultureGrrl.

As you might expect, I was the facts-and-figures person in this distinguished company, bolstered by MOCA’s Form 990 tax return and financial statements (for which I’ve been unable to create a lnk) for fiscal 2011. Those documents were not available online, but I recently obtained them by making a formal request to MOCA. (You can prepare for my commentary by perusing the tax return at the link I’ve provided, above.)

As you might also expect, Warren’s attempts to lure some key players—MOCA’s departed chief curator, Paul Schimmel, a MOCA spokesperson, and founding trustee/benefactor Eli Broad—to join us on the show were unavailing. (He should have told Eli that this was a good chance to hype his book!)

I’ll be back later with more MOCA facts, figures and commentary.

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