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Nifty Multimedia Feature for Online Version of My Caravaggio/Hals Piece

Frans Hals, “Merrymakers at Shrovetide,” c. 1616, Metropolitan Museum, as it appears in the multimedia online version of my Two Painters: So Alike, So Different

I was completely (and very pleasantly) surprised this morning when I discovered that the online version of my Caravaggio/Hals comparison piece for the “Arts & Leisure” section of tomorrow’s NY Times has been ramped up into a nifty multimedia feature (with my 1260-word text intact).

Go to Two Painters: So Alike, So Different to see what delighted me. Roll over the various spots on the four paintings that are marked with capital letters to experience the clever technological enhancement produced for the Times by

Thanks guys! (Now how do I learn to produce this?)

I should mention that although the Hals show at the Met which, in part, inspired my musings, has now closed, one of his two paintings that I discuss can still be seen in the Met’s permanent collection galleries. The other, according to the Met’s website, is currently off view. Kudos to the Met’s website (recently greatly enhanced) for providing this guidance on what is and is not on display.

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