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Jerry Saltz’s Deitch Project: Preemptive Strike for Dealer’s LA MOCA Candidacy

Jerry Saltz

[UPDATE: My own critical analysis of of Deitch’s now confirmed appointment is here.]

A good way to influence opinion is to be first. An early comment, especially from a respected source, catches the attention of other pundits, who may feel qualms about striking out in the opposite direction.

Lacking my caution about opinionating on a development that hasn’t even happened yet, New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz this afternoon dispatched an e-mail titled, “Jerry Saltz on Jeffrey Deitch Appointed Director of LA MOCA.”

APPOINTED“? Do we know that he’s been appointed?

Turns out that the early bird didn’t have more than the rest of us wormless ones, except for this:

Reached via e-mail, Deitch admitted he was in “discussion” with MOCA.

Scolds will imagine immoral scenarios of a wolf in the fold and tut-tut
over the possibility of an uncouth, craven commercial dealer trading
museum treasures for market-share, making back room deals, and
violating ethics. But bear in mind that MOCA desperately needs to think
outside the box.

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