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Shot at the Morgan: My Jill Krementz Moment

Photographer Jill Krementz, whom I often encounter snapping the art, curators and viewers at museum press previews, is now associate editor for New York Social Diary, for which she does photo essays. She is perhaps best known for her children’s book, A Very Young Dancer, the most famous of her “very young” series.

Now, more than 30 years later, it’s time for the “very old” series: Here’s her take at “Blake” on A Very Old Art Critic:


© Jill Krementz, for New York Social Diary

Why didn’t I remove my name tag? Do you think I could get her to collaborate on CultureGrrl‘s irreverent photo essays?

Here‘s the rest of Jill’s reverent photo essay on the Morgan Library & Museum’s absorbing William Blake show.

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