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Jon Landman Succeeds Sifton as NY Times Culture Editor

Jon Landman

I could find nothing about this yet on the NY Times‘ own website, but John Koblin of the NY Observer has the story: Jon Landman, the paper’s deputy managing editor for digital journalism, has been named to replace new restaurant critic Sam Sifton as culture editor. Landman had this culture post once before, during a year-long, 2004-5 transitional period that ended in Sifton’s editorship.

The announcement by Times executive editor, Bill Keller, published by the Observer, says nothing else about Landsman’s culture creds.

What Keller does say is this:

I doubt anyone will question that Jon brings to the Culture Department
a strenuous intelligence, an inspiring vision, a gift for getting the
very best from people and — no small thing as our competitive
landscape shifts—a keen appreciation of what culture journalism can
be on the Web.

If you want to get some more flavor about the Times’ new culture editor, go to his own Talk to the Newsroom page from 2006, when he was master of all things digital.

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