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BlogBack: Critic of Barnes&#146 Move Flags Its Stalled Fundraising

Jay Raymond, a former student and teacher at the Barnes Foundation, and a founding member of Friends of the Barnes Foundation (the ad hoc group opposing its move to Philly), responds to Barnes Design (Non)Update:

The most damning news in your report is Andrew Stewart‘s [the Barnes’ spokesperson’s] statement that
they have raised $156 million. In May 2006, the [Philadelphia] Inquirer reported on
a news conference held by Pew [Charitable Trusts] and Barnes, at which it was announced that
they had raised $150 million. One day later, they announced a campaign
to raise $50 million more. Now, Stewart reports, they have raised only
$6 million of that $50 million, in the more than three years since this
campaign began.

CultureGrrl had previously noted that $150 million had been raised by May 2006, with $50 million still to go as of February 2007. When I interviewed him back then, the foundation’s executive director and president, Derek Gillman (who assumed his post in October 2006), told me that coming up with the needed $50 million “will be my job.”

More than two years later, it still is.

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