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The Pollock Stops Here: CultureGrrl’s Debut on Iowa TV

Yesterday, when I arrived at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, IA, to see the about-to-open installation of highlights (including the monumental 1943 Pollock) from the collection of the flood-shuttered University of Iowa Museum of Art, the television crew for KCRG was on the scene.

In the online description of their report about the UIMA exhibition, A Legacy for Iowa, I became Lee “Rosebaum.” The Figge’s director, Sean O’Harrow, became “Shawn” (both in the online description and in the video clip itself).

No matter. At least they described me perfectly—“

Nationally Acclaimed Art Critic.” (Why am I never called that in New York?) This report also featured a cameo role for CultureSpouse (who had no clue that he was on camera):

“Totally awed and amazed,” said the Nationally Acclaimed Art Critic. Why didn’t someone warn me I was going to be interviewed? I could have marveled at the “bravura brushstrokes” or the “intense energy”!

[My thanks go out to CultureGrrl Donor 28, from Boulder, CO.]

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