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CultureGrrl’s Third Anniversary: A Time for Reflection and Reinvention


Since I always have more opinions and information on the artworld than
the Mainstream Media can use, I’ve decided to throw some of those juicy
tidbits into this blog. Stay tuned for my first post!

April 23, 2006 2:55 PM

It’s now three years since I typed those sentences—Baby CultureGrrl‘s first gurgle. No one was actually “staying tuned.” My first two weeks of posts were for imaginary readers only, as I eased into the blogging routine and took to it. I then sent my URL (not yet on ArtsJournal, of course) to a few artworld luminaries whose opinions I respected and who agreed this project should continue.

CultureGrrl has evolved over the years, in both obvious and subtle ways. It started with no photos, few links. After a while, I tried to cover (or at least link to) almost every story that I thought would interest my readers, as I got a growing sense that I was providing a useful service. I even posted some audio and video, including two off-key “singing podcasts,” which some (with good reason) consider the nadir of my career.

But being a one-woman art newswire (and cabaret entertainer) ultimately became too exhausting. I found myself feverishly posting all day and begrudging time spent on in-depth, mainstream media projects—not a healthy professional or intellectual lifestyle.

Now, my posts are fewer and longer, as I try to focus on events and issues to which I feel I can provide added value—information not already easily available elsewhere, commentary and analysis that are outside the norm or against the grain. I’m an equal-opportunity irritant.

My fan base has grown, especially among art museum professionals, who may not be familiar with Lee Rosenbaum, mild-mannered, mainstream-media scribe, but have usually followed the journalistic adventures of the caped crusader, CultureGrrl.

I’ve got plenty of brand recognition, but barely any income to show for it, notwithstanding my latest innovation—the desperate and annoying “CultureGrrl Fund Drive.” (Hey, do you see that yellow button in the middle column? You can still contribute!)

What I do have (and greatly cherish) is a warm, fond relationship with my readers, my “art-lings,” who are very much on my mind as I reluctantly cease daily posting, effective May 1. This coming week will be blogging-as-usual, after which I will continue popping a post, hopefully a couple of times a week, if there’s something I’m burning to share.

To ease you into this, for everyone who donates (or has already donated) five dollars or more, I’ll send out e-mail blasts that link to whatever I do post. (Or you can just check the blog occasionally, as always, or subscribe to the blog’s feed, which is free.) If you donate or have donated, please click the “Contact Me” link in my middle column and send me a message to be included on this mailing list, if you so desire.

But for now, let’s forget about these changes and get back to our regular gig. I still have a few good stories to share with you.

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