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The Pendulum Swings: Met’s Tom Campbell Gets Punked

I’m getting sore.

How come Tom Campbell has time to speak [via] to Ed Pilkington of the Guardian, but not to Lee Rosenbaum of CultureGrrl (and occasionally even of the Wall Street Journal)? Believe me, I’ve asked. How come those Brits have all the fun?

I know why: because it looks like Pilk got bilked—another of those bleeping beeper-timed interviews, with little of substance to show for it. The Grrl needs at least 45 minutes, not 30, of deep down discussion with the Metropolitan Museum’s new director. Maybe in my next lifetime.

But wait a minute! Pilky did get some new insight into the mysterious Campbell: We now know that he likes the punk-rock band Pendulum! “Who?” you say (or at least I say. I’ve lost track of popular music since my kids learned to drive and I reclaimed control over my car radio.)

I had already found out from a recent New York Public Radio program what Philippe de Montebello likes—lots of classical, of course. But really, how can he not like Verdi???

Since I want to get right in tune with the new director, I did my due diligence and found this Pendulum video. Looks to me like your average curatorial meeting at the Met. (Roll over that black box and click the arrow, if you dare!)

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