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Skeletal Budget Cut: No “Lucy” Fossil Show for Chicago’s Field Museum

Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old woman

One favorable museum development related to the current financial crisis, aside from greater emphasis on permanent collections, may be a reduced emphasis on rent-a-shows—those blockbuster exhibitions through which museums raise money from other museums by charging exorbitant fees.

Andrew Herrmann
and Dave Newbart of the Chicago Sun-Times report:

Financial belt-tightening contributed to the [Field] museum’s decision not to
present Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old fossil of an ape-man species that
was to debut here this fall.

As you may recall from my previous post about that show, the tour of “Lucy’s” remains was controversial from the start, with leading scientists expressing concern that this elderly woman was too fragile to travel.

The Lucy show, which appeared at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and is now at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle (to Mar. 8), was intended to raise big bucks for Ethiopian museums.

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