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And Now a Word for Our (wished for) Sponsors

I was encouraged earlier this month when my end-of-year post, urging you to decorate my dreary right-hand column with some attractive ads, actually brought two signs of tangible reader support of my efforts for the New Year.

Now that my ad space is back to bare, I’m back to wondering how long I should keep CultureGrrl going as a labor of love and a public service (or a public nuisance, as the case may be). I was really thinking of pulling the computer plug last week, when Eric Lee, the incoming director of the Kimbell Museum, began our interview (here and here, with more coming this week) by saying that he reads CultureGrrl so regularly that he feels like he already knows me. On the same day, an amazingly well qualified young woman contacted me out of the blue, offering to be my unpaid assistant. This is certainly an idea whose time has come.

It seems that whenever I feel like stopping, something comes along and tells me not to.

If you too value this timely news and informed commentary, as well as the large audience of artworld elites who read me daily (total hits since mid-2006: more than 1 million), your advertising support would be a tangible vote of confidence. I’ll know that the Metropolitan Museum finally appreciates me when I get an ad for the ever-popular Sardis Column Cuff Links. (At this writing, the Met store has not one but TWO ads on Richard Lacayo‘s Looking Around blog. Do you think I’m a little jealous?)

It’s really easy (and cheap) to cheer me up: Just go to the ArtsJournal advertising webpage, click the CultureGrrl box and scroll down to fill out the ad form. Just a few strokes of the keyboard and your ad will be seen by the movers-and-shakers of the artworld…and I’ll be able to buy this ridiculously expensive mother-of-the-groom dress:

No, this huge one is NOT my size…and I’m probably going to opt for a cheaper one. Do you think the designer might like to buy an ad? (Just kidding!)

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