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A Rose is a Rose is a…: Association of Art Museum Curators Weighs In Against Brandeis Decision

Yet another county heard from: The Association of Art Museum Curators says this about the possible dissolution of the Rose Art Museum:

The decision to regard the collection of the museum as an asset rather than as a wealth of ideas in physical form was made without consultation of all the most important parties. The professional staff of the Rose Art Museum and its student employees, all of whom who will lose their jobs, were informed only an hour before the decision was announced.

The art and art history faculty, past donors to the institution, and its distinguished board of Overseers, many of whom are alumni of the university, were not consulted; nor were the thousands of students who love the museum.

To shut down this wonderful institution and to sell its spectacular collection of modern art–a collection formed over four decades by perceptive and forward-looking donors, including many artists–would be, for ever more, a blot on the reputation of the university. Closure of the museum would deprive future generations of students at Brandeis, and regional and national visitors to its campus, of a precious cultural patrimony.

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