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Eli Broad Offers LA MOCA a $30-Million Challenge Grant

In an Op-Ed piece to appear in tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) LA Times, businessman/collector Eli Broad, who was the founding chairman of LA MOCA, challenged the Los Angeles philanthropic community to join him in stepping up to the (collection) plate for the financially beleaguered museum.

Broad writes:

I’d like to make a proposal to the MOCA board and to the civic angels of Los Angeles. I’ll step up if you do too. The Broad Art Foundation is prepared to make a significant investment in MOCA—$30 million—with the expectation that the museum’s board and others join in this effort to solve the institution’s financial problems. It is vital that the museum remain on Grand Avenue, keep its collection and continue its tradition of world-class exhibitions….

While the MOCA board evaluates its options, the overarching priority should be to keep MOCA independent. Being merged into another institution would destroy the fabric of a great museum and would sacrifice the independent curatorial vision that has created an extraordinary collection and many unparalleled exhibitions.

If that doesn’t start the fundraising ball rolling, nothing will. Good for Broad. Good for Los Angeles.

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