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BlogBack: Guggenheim President Jennifer Stockman on Trustees’ Conflict-of-Interest

Jennifer Stockman, above, the president of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, responds to Conflicts of Interest: Museum Trustees Play the Market:

The director and the curators, not the trustees, of the Guggenheim make all decisions as to the exhibitions that are shown at the museum. I in no way influenced the Guggenheim’s decision to hold the 2007 retrospective of Richard Prince‘s work. In fact, at the time I purchased Lake Resort Nurse in 2003, I was not aware that the Guggenheim would hold the retrospective and had been collecting works by Richard Prince since 2000.

“Lake Resort Nurse” was not loaned to or included in the Guggenheim’s Prince exhibition. The Guggenheim’s conflict-of-interest policy for trustees provides that no confidential information may be used by a trustee for personal gain. I did not act upon confidential information.

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