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Fisk’s Stieglitz Collection: Back on View at Last?

Fisk University’s Carl Van Vechten Art Gallery

I could find nothing to indicate this on Fisk University’s website, which still says that the Carl Van Vechten Gallery is “currently closed to the public.” But Blake Farmer of Nashville Public Radio reports [via]:

The famous Stieglitz collection at Fisk University is in the public eye for the first time in nearly three years. People are finally able to see what all the fuss has been about….The school had to meet a court deadline last week to put the art back
on public display.

WPLN also states:

Fisk has been able to overcome some of its immediate financial
challenges and spent half-a-million dollars improving security and air
quality in the Van Vechten gallery on campus.

And just think how much more money they’d have if they’d stop paying lawyers in a foolish appeal of the court decision against selling a half-share of the collection to Alice Walton‘s Crystal Bridges.

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