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NBC’s Art of NY Times Product Placement: Is Alec Baldwin the New Jeremy Piven?

It’s a wrap: NY Times enveloped in NBC-TV ads

NY Times subscribers awoke this morning to a strange hybrid on their doorsteps: Three of the five sections of the paper were encased in ads for NBC-TV‘s new season, which usurped both sides of each section’s back page (as well as the page facing the inside back page) and flapped over to the front (above). In addition, the bottom of the front page of each section sported a large color-coordinated banner ad.

Only Page One of the first section and Metro section were (mercifully) spared. But wait! Who’s brandishing an Emmy Award at the lower right corner of the front page?

Why it’s Alec Baldwin, reveling in his Best Actor in a Comedy Series designation for NBC’s “30 Rock.” The copy accompanying the front-page photo, however, was notably unflattering to NBC, not to mention Alec Baldwin. In fact, it did NOT mention Alec Baldwin:

With cable channels overshadowing broadcast networks, Jeremy Piven, left, of HBO’s “Entourage” was among the winners at the Emmy Awards.

For those Times editors who don’t what Jeremy Piven looks like, he’s right here, on the newspaper’s own online Emmy slideshow.

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