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Fisk Files Appeals Brief for Collection-Sharing Deal with Alice Walton

Fisk just won’t give up.

In a case of unfortunate timing, the Nashville university last week filed in Tennessee Court of Appeals a brief arguing for reversal of a lower court decision that prevents Fisk from selling for $30 million a half-share in its Stieglitz Collection to Alice Walton‘s Crystal Bridges Museum. Just a few days later, the Association of Art Museum Directors released its strong statement deploring the possible sale of the University of Iowa’s Pollock to shore up that institution’s flood-ravaged finances.

I’ll have more details on the brief (and Rosenbaum‘s Opinion) next week.

The spokesperson for Super Cooper, the Tennessee attorney general, told me: “We don’t have anything new to report at
this time,” but added that the AG has 30 days from Fisk’s filing to file his own reply brief, should he decide to do so.

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