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News Flash: Randolph College Wins in Court; Maier Museum’s Collection Loses

I guess Christie’s lawyers were right in opining that the auction of the Maier Museum’s Tamayo would not be impeded by the then pending lawsuit by plaintiffs who opposed Randolph College’s decision to admit men and to sell four important artworks from its museum’s collection.

The Virginia Supreme Court today affirmed the previous decision by the Lynchburg, VA, Circuit Court, which dismissed the plaintiffs claim that Randolph had breached a contract with current students to remain an all-women’s college. The plaintiffs had also contended that if they won their suit, it would protect the Maier Museum’s art (a contention that the college’s administration disputed).

The judges ruled:

The plaintiffs failed to plead the existence of a clear, definite, and explicit contract between the plaintiffs and the College that required the College to provide a four-year education for the plaintiffs in an academic environment predominantly for women.

One assumes that three more deplorable deaccessions will soon ensue.

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