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Italy’s New Culture Minister Signals Desire for More Antiquity Repatriations

Sandro Bondi

Just when you thought the remaining antiquities in your museum’s permanent collection might be safe, along comes this announcement from the Italian Ministry of Culture. (The date on the ministry’s website, June 19, 2007, is a misprint; Bondi was named culture minister only last month.)

Here’s the translated announcement:

The minister of culture, Sandro Bondi [above], announces that he has
reconstituted the “Committee for the Restitution of Cultural Property,”
which has the task of examining all the questions relating to the recovery of
the Italian works of art that are found in other countries, within the overall
political context of cooperation and cultural exchange.

He is reconstituting the committee “to confirm the desire to give new and stronger impetus to
the activities of recovering art works to protect the Italian cultural
patrimony,” according to the announcement. Is he dusting off Rutelli’s little list?

All of this points to a new CultureGrrl cultural-property post:

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