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The Shelby White Files: Images from a Restitution

Louis Godart, advisor on culture to Italy’s President, has now made good on his promise to send me the list of works relinquished to his country by Shelby White and now on display at the Palazzo Poli in Rome. I already published the list here, but now I’ve also got the images. All are catalogued as having come from “clandestine excavations” in Italy, except for the last fresco, which is said to have been “stolen on May 31, 1975 from excavations in Pompei”:

Attic black figure panathenaic amphora with runners, attributed to the painter of the Louvre F6, ca. 540 B.C.

Attic black figure amphora with Dionysos and Ariadne banqueting, attributed to the painter of the Medea Group, ca. 520 B.C.

Red figure calyx krater with Zeus and Ganymede, attributed to the Eucharides painter, ca. 490-480 B.C.

Amphora from Chalkidiki with young riders, ca. 550-540 B.C.

Hydria from Cerveteri with panther and lioness attacking a mule, attributed to the Busiride painter, ca. 530-500 B.C.

Hydria from Cerveteri with the flight of Ulysses from
Polyphemus’ cavern, attributed to the workshop of the Aquila painter
and associates, ca. 530-500 B.C.

Small bronze statue of Kouros,
ca. 480-470 B.C

Fragment of a wall fresco decoration: architecture prospective and theater mask, Pompeiian style, ca. 50-30 B.C.

Fragment of a wall fresco decoration: a lying Maenad, Pompeiian style, ca. 50-79 A.D.

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