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News Flash: No Decision Today on Reopening Barnes Case

As expected, Judge Stanley Ott of Montgomery County Orphans’ Court did not rule from the bench today on whether the Friends of the Barnes and/or Montgomery County would be granted standing to seek a reconsideration of the judge’s decision that gave permission for the Barnes Foundation to move to Philadelphia.

This just in from Carolyn Carluccio, the attorney for the county who argued for reconsideration at today’s hearing:

I thought it went extremely well for the County. We were able to present our arguments without being silenced by the [Barnes] Trustees on standing grounds. Our arguments were strong and well received. The Judge was contemplative and attentive during the argument. He appeared to have taken in every word. He promised that he will render a written decision
in an expeditious manner.

So he listened. Let’s hope he heard.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has posted a short report on the hearing. Derrick Nunnally quotes Ralph Wellington, an attorney for the Barnes:

These offers [by the county, to help keep the Barnes in Merion] may make good press, and they may make good politics, but granting either
of their petitions would make very bad law.

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