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Art in America Magazine’s State of Uncertainty

There are possible changes brewing at Art in America magazine (where I am contributing editor), now that Peter Brant, who last spring had announced his intention to sell his half-share in Brant Publications, has done an about-face and decided to buy out the half-share of his ex-wife, Sandra Brant.
In an emotional meeting with staffers on Thursday, Sandy indicated to longtime AiA editor Betsy Baker (not the source for this story) that the operative words were still “business as usual,” but only until the sale is finalized. After that, a staffer told me, anything is possible.
As I wrote last May, Peter Brant had been a “silent partner” with “no operational role” in the magazines. Now it appears that he’s going to be hands-on.
He has already named new editors—Glenn O’Brien and Fabien Baron–for Interview magazine, replacing longtime editor Ingrid Sischy. “I just thought they could really use some direction, going forward, of a younger generation of people,” he told the NY Times. The top editor’s spot at Brant Publications’ other property, The Magazine Antiques, has been empty since the untimely death from cancer on Jan. 8 of Allison Ledes.
Brant also indicated an interest in a richer web presence, which, for the content-poor AiA website, is long overdue.
As for the current mood at AiA: “It’s been pretty unnerving,” the staffer told me.
In news about my other publication-in-flux: Buyer Rupert Murdoch is reportedly planning to move the Wall Street Journal (for which I write frequently on the “Leisure & Arts” page) from its offices in New York’s financial district (which were vacated and completely redone after 9/11) to the midtown headquarters of Murdoch’s News Corp.
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