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Art History Newsletter Is Back; Mariët Westermann Is Almost Gone (to Abu Dhabi)

Mariët Westermann
Good news for those of you (like me) who enjoy getting your scholarly news from the Art History Newsletter: It’s back from summer hiatus.
And today it leads with the news (already reported here by the NY Times) that the director of NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, Mariët Westermann, is following the money (and the museum development projects) to Abu Dhabi, where she will head the university’s planned satellite campus.
The AHN reports that NYU is also considering other satellite locations. Westermann’s new mandate, as NYU’s vice chancellor, will be to establish such branches.
Interesting that a female art historian, specializing in Dutch 17th century, should be tapped for the Abu Dhabi gig. Will she keep a close eye not only on women’s rights there, but also on treatment of migrant workers during construction of the new campus?

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