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More on the Harvard Museum Project: Neighbors (of Course) Object

If you try to build it, some neighbors will always protest (no matter what “it” is).
And so it goes with the planned new Allston facility for the Harvard University Art Museums, which I described in yesterday’s post .
Today’s Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper, ran an editorial today, debunking community concerns about the new facility as “unfounded” and “misplaced.”
A neighbor fired back:
Telling residents that they are effectively wrong either in reasoning or taste is not a good position to begin the negotiation. Use your words carefully or you will cause the University more cost in the long run.
The community comment period, which is part of the governmental approval process, ends this Friday, the Crimson reports.
Geoff EdgersExhibitionist blog for the Boston Globe has more details about the neighbors’ objections. He also wrote to CultureGrrl that neighborhood opposition was “what did in Renzo [Piano’s] project down by the river under [former Harvard museums director James] Cuno.”
Will Harvard’s aging art museums never be able to get their plumbing fixed?

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