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Time Magazine’s Art Blog Has Liftoff (and Takes CultureGrrl for a Ride)

Richard Lacayo
Time magazine’s new art and architecture blog, by critic Richard Lacayo, has just launched, and while “Looking Around,” he ogled CultureGrrl: He discussed me and linked to me at the beginning of his second post. Back at you, Richard! You’re now on my blogroll.
He had this to say about the comparison I made between the new Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and another recently built structure nearby:
Rosenbaum draws a connection between the ICA’s cantilevered upper story, which has a room descending at an angle from its underside, and the not so different silhouette of Rafael Vinoly’s Boston Convention Center a few blocks away….
Now that it’s been pointed out, the family resemblance between the ICA and Viñoly’s building, at least in that one area, is unmistakable.

My comments caused him to ruminate about other times when he had “experienced a kind of architectural déjà vu.” He provided one illustrated pairing (another Viñoly and a Pelli) and promised future riffs on the theme of “great minds thinking alike.”
Yes they do. See what I’ve started?

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