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For the Man Who Has Everything…

That gleaming cone in the center of the photo is a gold penis shield, Sinú culture, Columbia—part of the extraordinary “Gold” exhibition opening Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History. Consisting largely of a vast array of objects from AMNH’s own collection, this is the show that tells you everything you wanted to know (and some things you didn’t) about how that coveted metal has been used throughout history, around the world. More on this exhibition, coming soon in CultureGrrl.
But gazing from a modern vantage point upon that curiously shaped artifact, one can only wonder: What exactly did the male organ look like in 600-1500 A.D.?
Definitely time that I retired—at least for the night. Bob Dylan’s Continental Arena concert, from which I have just returned, was good in surprising ways—but you’d expect no less from the chimerical codger. He always comes up with a new take on songs you thought you knew.
Thanks, Paul and Joyce!

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