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The Minnie Mouse Sex Tapes

What’s this world coming to?
Is this what Minnie and the gang do after hours? (Yes, it’s on YouTube, but I’ll let you find it, if you must. When I first viewed it, anyone could access it. Now, mercifully, it’s behind the 18-or-over firewall.)
We can only wonder what constituted the “appropriate action” that the Walt Disney Co. took against Goofy, Chip or Dale, the giant snowman and the obliging Minnie at the behind-the-scenes simulated gangbang by character-costumed employees at Euro Disney in France.
For the record: Meek Mickey did not come to Minnie’s defense. And this video is not among those posted by the Museum of Modern Art on YouTube’s website (in conjunction with MoMA’s survey featuring musical videos and films of The Residents, Oct. 19-23).
Does Google know what it’s getting itself into? Where are the decency police when we really need them?

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