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Speaking of Corrections…

Imagine my surprise when I caught my first online glimpse of my WSJ article about Edith Wharton on Monday night: The caption on the accompanying photo indicated that it was an image of Wharton’s library as it appears today, with her own books returned to its shelves. But I knew that it was the library as it appeared more than a year ago, with random volumes that had been installed to make the room look appropriately book-filled. (The furnishings have since been changed as well, which made it easy to spot the difference.)
A variation on an old proverb: One picture can spoil 1,300 words!
Just to set the record straight, here’s a picture of the famous novelist’s actual books, fronted by Wharton, reincarnated as CultureGrrl:
As you can see, the old English major was really happy here!

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