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Want to reach the world's morst dynamic, most informed arts audience? There's no better way than, the leading (and largest) source of arts news and views on the internet. And it's the influential audience you want to reach. AJ is required reading for the world's top arts journalists and critics. It's the home page for arts administrators, execultives, artists and those who want to be in the know about the arts.

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clickhere.gif Among our 30k+ subscribers, we count the arts editors and journalists of some of the world's top media companies: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, The Guardian, London Evening Standard, BBC, and NPR.

We also reach many of the top arts critics, reporters, commentators, artists, arts executives and arts patrons. Our coverage extends across the arts: music, visual art, dance, theater, media, publishing, cultural issues, ideas, and people.

Online art-seller recently advertised on ArtsJournal as it was launching its website. "ran an ad seeking artists in the classified section of Seattle-based and received responses from artists across the United States and Korea, Mexico, Ireland, France and Canada. Of the 100 artists who sent resumes and digital prints, she accepted 20. Each has roughly 10 prints available on the site."

- from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Whether you're trying to promote a tour or event, looking to fill an arts job, promoting a program, or selling an item, ArtsJournal delivers your message.

Because our ads are arts-related, our readers regard our arts classifieds as content they're interested in, and these ads get seen. You'll have 250 characters of text to describe your event, job listing, press release, sales item, or service.

The ArtsJournal website has 250,000 unique monthly visitors, with more than 700,000 visits. Every weekday, the site gets 25,000-35,000 visitors.

ArtsJournal's daily newsletter reaches 17,000+ subscribers. The weekly newsletter has 13,500+ subscribers.

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