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Dance Split Bill
Monster Squad and Zoe Scofield

Feb 16-18, 2006

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    About Monster Squad & Marty Schnapf and Zoe Scofield with Juniper Shuey & Morgan Henderson

    Monster Squad and Marty Schnapf

    Island Desk: my tenny tiny knowledge of nothing


    Created by Tahni Holt/Monster Squad and Marty Schnapf.

    Choreographic input by the performers: Daniel Addy, Angelle Hebert, Dawn Joella Jackson and Emily Stone.

    Media Art by Emily Bulfin

    Music created by Brent Knopf

    Costumes by Jayme Hansen/Birds of Prey

    Lighting Design by Walter J. Kilmer


    Monster Squad / Tahni Holt

    Under the artistic directorship of Tahni Holt, Monster Squad has been performing throughout the northwest since 2001. In the past two years Monster Squad has created a series of work with on-going collaborator, visual artist Marty Schnapf.  Specifically, Under an hour and the Events Preceding was selected and performed at On the Boards’ NW New Works Festival and Bumbershoot in Seattle. The culmination of the work was presented through the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s (PICA) TBA Festival in Portland, OR in 2004. Monster Squad’s work has been funded by individual artists’ grants from RACC, by arts initiative grants through the mayor’s office and continues to have local support from businesses and individual donors.


    This past fall Tahni had the opportunity to go to Scotland with fellow dance artist Linda Austin to participate in Deborah Hay’s Solo Commissioning Project. They plan on performing this solo for Portland audiences sometime in 2006. Tahni is also currently working with Marty Schnapf on his latest project: Dance Pod, and is guest choreographer at Lewis and Clark College.


    Marty Schnapf

    In addition to his collaborations with Monster Squad (Island Desk and Under an hour and the Events Preceding), Marty Schnapf is currently working with a team of collaborators on a long-term multifaceted project called Dance Pod. The performance / Dance party aspect of this project will be premiered in collaboration with Tahni Holt, DJ MQuiet, and Sean Barret March 1st at Reed College’s Arts Week.



    Zoe Scofield  with Juniper Shuey and Morgan Henderson
    There ain't no easy way out


    Choreography, Concept and Direction:  Zoe Scofield

    Visual/Video design, Concept and Assistant Direction:  Juniper Shuey

    Music Composition:  Morgan Henderson

    Dancers:  Christiana Axelsen, Ezra Dickinson, Julie Learned, Kate Monthy, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Zoe Scofield and Shawn Landis

    Costumes:  Chrissy Wai-Ching

    Lighting Design:  Jessica Trundy

    Musicians:  Morgan Henderson: double bass, bass clarinet, piano, samples and   recording, Seth Warren: violin, Casey Foubert: drums



    Zoe Scofield studied ballet as a scholarship student at Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts in Boston. While there she started choreographing and won the Monticello Scholarship for Emerging Choreographers at the Regional Dance of America festival. Upon graduating she joined Prometheus Dance Company in Boston and performed with them throughout the U.S. and France. After receiving the scholarship for the Breaking Ground Canada festival in Toronto Canada, Zoe moved to Toronto to dance with Bill James Atlas Dance Company and under the direction of Peter Chin and Katherine Duncanson, as well as study Ashtanga Yoga. As a dancer with Atlas Dance Company Zoe toured throughout Canada.  Zoe moved to Seattle three years later to further her studies in yoga at The Samarya Center.  Since moving to Seattle she has performed with Karn Junkensmith, Kim Root, Cheronne Wong, Erika Stelzenmuller, and shown her own work at Under Construction, 12 Minutes Max and On the Boards for the Northwest New Works Festival in April 2005.  Zoe was most recently a curator for 12 Minutes Max in December.


    Juniper Shuey is a video installation and sculptural performance artist based out of Seattle Washington.  Since 1999 he has been working professionally, exhibiting his work both locally and abroad.  His work has been featured in many exhibitions including Solo Exhibition at the Howard House 2005, Tacoma Art Museums Northewest Biennial 2004, “YSA” at the Howard House 2003, “Fashion is Art”  curated by Thread 2003, “LAVA 2002” at Noodleworks, Multiplex” at Bumbershoot 2002, Northwest Annual at Bellevue Art Museum 2001, La Mostra” in Palazzo Pio, Rome in 2000, artdrill at Consolidated Works in 1999, and in Various exhibitions at SOIL Art Gallery.


    He has been the recipient of several recognition awards including the “Curators Choice Award” from the Tacoma Art Museums Northwest Biennial in 2004. the “Peoples Choice Award” from the Bellevue Art Museum’s Northwest Annual in 2000 and the Lambdha Rho Art Honorary from the University of Washington School of Art in 2000.  To help advance his art career “Edge Grant” from Artist Trust for advancement of his professional practices and the “Marsh Scholarship” for his  work abroad.


    Juniper came to the visual arts from a theater background.  He spent three years at Emerson College in Boston studing theatrical set design.  His most recent design related work was featured at On the Boards in a collaboration with Zoe Scofield titled “I am Nothing Without You.  He has also worked with local company VIA at Freehold theater with a play called “Crave” and in 2001 at On the Boards with a dance piece called “Borderland” that premiered as part of the Northwest New Works.  In 1999 Juniper acted as the Set and Lighting Designer for the Burning Circus' production of “Emma Goldman; Love, Anarchy, and Other Affairs” at the Fringe Festival in Seattle.  This production received a sold out award from the fringe festival.


    Morgan Henderson was born in San Francisco in the year of our Lord 1978 (same as Zoe).  He is a member of both bands, The Blood Brothers (Seattle) and YKK (NYC).  Morgan composed and performed the music for “I am nothing without you.”  This collaboration was with choreographer Zoe Scofield for the Northwest New Works Festival at On The Boards in April 2005.



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About Monster Squad & Marty Schnapf and Zoe Scofield with Juniper Shuey & Morgan Henderson
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