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Christian Rizzo
i might as well want the blue of the sky and ride away on a donkey

May 18-20, 2006

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    About Christian Rizzo

    From the highly conceptual and theoretical world that is the current dance scene in Europe, comes Christian Rizzo’s i might as well want the blue of the sky and ride away on a donkey. Part performance art, part dance theater work, Rizzo summons his roots as the lead singer of a rock group and his work in fashion to create a visual and aural feast for the senses featuring a live house mix by Gerome Nox and lights by Caty Olive. Calling himself a “body artist,”, Rizzo manipulates himself, a bloody animal skin, green glitter and a microphone into a haunting performance that etches itself into the mind’s eye well after the show has ended.


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About Christian Rizzo
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