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Lone Twin
Walk With Me, Walk With Me, Will Somebody Please Walk With Me
October 20 - 24, 2004

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    About Lone Twin Residency

    Last week, Lone Twin spent 5 consecutive days riding commuter-style, fold-up bicycles along the proposed route for the new monorail. They began on Wed, Oct 13 and finished Sun Oct 17. Each day they created 10 more minutes of "information" (i.e. performance) which they performed for the public Oct 15-17. Lone Twin are very interested in maps and routes and figuring out the character of each community they visit. The monorail route was imposed on them by the staff of OtB, who believed it would give them a wide and fairly diverse area to cover in the Seattle Metro area. Each day they rode the entire route (14 miles) from Ballard to West Seattle.

    See their schedule HERE


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About Lone Twin
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About Lone Twin Residency
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