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Lone Twin
Walk With Me, Walk With Me, Will Somebody Please Walk With Me
October 20 - 24, 2004

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    About Lone Twin Bloggers

    Thanks to our bloggers for Lone Twin, Scot Augustson, Bret Fetzer, KI Gottberg, & Kate Ratcliffe.

    Blogger Bios:

    Playwright Scot Augustson's recent work includes "Plants and Animals" "Brent or Brenda" "Gilgamsha,IA" and "The Screwdriver Murders". He recently directed "Frankenocchio" at the Empty Space. He is proud to be one of Seattle Dramatists principal playwrights. His next show will be "The Chris Schussler Incident" produced by Printer's Devil Theater in January.

    Ki Gottberg - My background is in acting.  Now I write plays, most of which have been produced at New City Theater, and in NYC, SF and LA.  My most recent work was my commissioned adaptation and direction of Ubu Roi at the Empty Space (may she live long!) last spring.  I am currently working on a new piece, The Compendium of Nastiness, which will open at The Womb, a 15-seat theater located in my garage.  I am a professor of theater at Seattle University.

    Kate Ratcliffe lives in Seattle and hops down to On the Boards with frequency. She loves the shows, she loves the people, she loves the big black letters. More often than not, she enjoys unexpected experiences such as shows at On the Boards, unexpected phrases such as: "Kate, would you like to blog this show on our website?", and unexpected words such as BLOG. Sounds like a monster, but no - it's a verb.


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About Lone Twin Bloggers
Thanks to our bloggers for Lone Twin: Scot Augustson, KI Gottberg, & Kate Ratcliffe. Read their bios here... More

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About Lone Twin
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