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Maureen Whiting Company
Juicy Point B
February 17 - 19, 2005

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    About Juicy Point B

    Juicy Point B is the culmination of research by the Maureen Whiting Company in parking lots, old factories and seedy hotel rooms over the past year. Whiting identifies moments of unbridled human expression in these non-traditional settings and uses them as fuel for her intricate, emotionally energized and physically compelling choreography.   Her performance research involves working with modern and classical dancers actresses and non dancers to get at the seeds of heightened emotional and physical expression through different performance and dance mediums.  Whiting pairs her distinct choreographic work with the talents of a large group of artists including award winning scenic designer Etta Lilienthal, talented performers and dancers Kory Perigo, Tamin Totkze, Laurentia Barbu, ballerina Julie Tobiason, actress/director Frances Hearn, singers Grace Hearn & Pam Tobiason, standout local composers and musicians Evan Schiller, Dave Abramson, Brad Dunn, and video artist Alex Schweder to create a physically and emotionally stimulating experience.


    Juicy Point B describes and highlights the additive, neutralizing and subtractive effects of types of juicy points of life such as unbridled emotion, vigorous dancing and live singing, combined with a visual stimulating interactive environment designed by Etta Lilienthal. Whiting and Lilienthal create a setting in order to explore how audiences and performers interact with the “juicy points” of our surroundings.

    Juicy moments of life are heightened in the theater for the audience to experience, enjoy, and then personalize.


    As a choreographer, Whiting actively pursues collaborations with visual artists, composers, and actors to explore the structural and expressive outcomes between artistic mediums. Her unique training in dance, mathematics and visual art allows for a vision which explores interlocking structures of theoretical systems which she then applies to her creative process as a dance maker, creating a rich visual, kinesthetic world.



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