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Forced Entertainment
Bloody Mess
December 8-11, 2005

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    About Forced Entertainment


    Forced Entertainment Formed in 1984, Forced Entertainment is an ensemble of six artists led by director and writer Tim Etchells, whose work spans theatre, durational performance / live art, gallery installation, video and digital media.

    Forced Entertainment have continually tried to find new performance and theatre forms with which to describe contemporary experience. The themes the company return to are life in cities, identity and sexual politics, the relationship of lived experience to the images of media culture, the nature of language, the attractiveness of chaos and the desire for order, and the need to confess. The company’s work is emphatically a group creation – made through improvisation and discussion and drawing on theatre itself as well as on cinema, music, culture, literature and fine art.

    Forced Entertainment make work which is engaging, challenging and surprising, and explores the possibilities of what theatre might be.

    Imaginary Evidence CD-ROM An interactive essay-come-archive that circles around the work and working process of the company. This CD-ROM layers documentary footage, fiction, home-movies, sound, show-clips, anecdote, theory, interviews and text by Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment to create a unique interactive exploration of the group’s work, its methods and its pre-occupations. Available to buy direct from the company. £15.(inc).

    Resources Forced Entertainment provides information and resources for those interested to know more about its work.The website (www.forced.co.uk) contains a complete archive of past projects and up to date information on current projects and tours. Books, CD-ROMs, videos and texts are available to order from the website or by contacting the company. An archive collection of rehearsal and performance videos along with other documentation is at the National Sound Archive, British Library, London.

    Mailing list For more information on any of the above or to join our FREE mailing list please contact us at the address listed below:

    Forced Entertainment, The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield

    T +44 (0) 114 279 8977 F +44 (0) 114 221 2170

    fe@forcedentertainment.com | www.forcedentertainment.com

    Forced Entertainment is regularly funded by Arts Council England.


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