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Emio Greco/PC:
Rimasto Orfano
May 19-22, 8pm

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    About Rimasto Orfano

    Rimasto Orfano

    The search for synchronicity; the desire for a perfect unisono as well as for the unity of mind and body, is an ever present theme in Emio Greco | PC’s work.


    Rimasto Orfano, literally meaning Abandoned Orphan, echoes the first seven years of
    collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. It is a synthesis of past
    investigations but also a new beginning in which the six dancers advance, withdraw and regroup in their exploration between control and chaos, togetherness and individuality.

    This is the first time Greco and Scholten have created a piece that uses the material of one specific contemporary composer alongside a soundscape. American composer Michael Gordon’s powerful music brings a dynamic element into this work, emphasizing and contrasting the need for silence and contemplation.


    Rimasto Orfano features:

    Performers: Sawami Fukuoka, Barbara Meneses Gutiérrez, Emio Greco, Jordi Martin de Antonio, Nicola Monaco, Suzan Tunca


    Lighting, Set and Sound Concept by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten
    Music by Michael Gordon
    Lighting Design by Henk Danner
    Costume Design by Clifford Portier
    Realization of Sound Collage by Wim Selles


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