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Emio Greco/PC:
Rimasto Orfano
May 19-22, 8pm

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    About Emio Greco/PC

    Emio Greco | PC

    Italian choreographer Emio Greco and Dutch theatre director Pieter C. Scholten have worked together in their search for new dance forms since 1995. They present their work under the name of Emio Greco | PC, expressing the collaborative effort of their artistic partnership.


    For Greco and Scholten the curiosity towards the body and its inner motives serve as the starting point for creating dance. In their performances movement is seen as self-sufficient and capable of creating its own time and space. Dance is not used as a medium to convey a message or decorate theatrical space, instead it is seen as having an intelligence of its own, capable of communicating a wisdom of the body that needs no added explanations.


    Throughout the working process, all the elements of performance – stage design, sound, lighting – are there to support, contradict, provoke, compel and evolve with the body in a state of discovery.



    EMIO GRECO - Choreographer, Director, Dancer

    Emio Greco (Italy) merges classical and contemporary elements to arrive at a new movement language in order to articulate the connection between body and mind. Following his classical ballet training in Cannes, Emio Greco danced for several years with Ballet Antibes Cote d’Azur. From 1993 onwards he performed in several stage productions of Belgian visual artist and theatre director Jan Fabre as well as in Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara’s work.  He formed his company Emio Greco | PC in 1995 with collaborate Pieter C. Scholten.


    PIETER C. SCHOLTEN - Choreographer, Director

    The search for a new dramaturgy of the body has always been a central motivator in the work of theatre director and dramaturge Pieter C. Scholten (The Netherlands). His early stage productions include performances on Oscar Wilde, Yukio Mishima and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Scholten worked for several years as a dance dramaturge and advisor to a number of choreographers and initiated Dance Instants, a work-in-progress programme for Netherlands-based dance makers.



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