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May 4 - 6, 2006

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    About "Awesome"

    Sort of a band, sort of a comedy group, sort of an art collective, “Awesome” has been casting its surreal magic in rock clubs, theater stages, cabarets, and art galleries since 2004. The seven-man ensemble has gathered a following of theater folk, art world enthusiasts, and indie music fans. This has earned them collaborations with Reggie Watts and Sean Nelson, billings with A.C. Newman, Harvey Danger, and United State of Electronica, and a commission from The Stranger to create new music for a literary event featuring New York author Jonathan Safran Foer.

    In the 2004 stage hit Delaware: A Subtle Spectacular, their collaboration with director Matt Fontaine and writer Tim Sanders conjured a universe fraught with mermaids, storms, waffles, and outer space, which they subsequently distilled into their debut album Delaware (produced by Mark Nichols), an aural dreamscape equal parts ‘60s folk-psych-pop, ‘70s concept album, ‘80s Zappa, ‘90s children’s music, and ‘00s retro-futurism. The album garnered them a spot on Three Imaginary Girls Top 100 Releases of 2005.

    Also in 2005, “Awesome” was named an ‘Organization to Watch’ by The Stranger Genius Awards, and was a finalist in the NWsource People’s Pick for Band/Artist.


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