Few and far between

Over the summer months, I'll be blogging less often, with long stretches in between. Lots of reconstruction and reframing to do for the MBA/Arts Administration program I direct at the Wisconsin School of Business. And a few too many conferences in the way.Hope to see some at the Theatre Communications Group conference in Chicago (I'm on the ''Creativity and the City'' plenary panel on Friday, June 18, at 4:00 pm). Or at the Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit in Baltimore (where I'm on the ''Future of Leadership'' panel on Saturday, June … [Read more...]

Let’s get ready to mingle

Trendwatching's latest trend analysis suggest that the online world is not driving citizens into digital isolation. Rather, it is fueling real-world gathering at a new scope and scale. Says the summary of ''Mass Mingling'':Thanks to the online revolution, hundreds of millions are now actively searching for, finding, connecting/signaling, and staying in touch with likeminded souls in the virtual world. Constant updates, GPS and mobile online access is now bringing this explosion of dating, networking, socializing and mingling to the real world … [Read more...]

Tax-status agnostic

I'm in Washington, DC, for my final conference as president of the Association of Arts Administration Educators. These are colleagues from around the world who direct and/or teach in undergraduate or graduate degree programs in arts administration (or cultural management, or cultural policy, or...). Looking forward to keynotes by the Kennedy Center's Michael Kaiser, the Duke Charitable Trusts' Ben Cameron, and Joan Shigekawa from the National Endowment for the Arts, and panels/presentations/discussions about what we all do. I'm also eager to … [Read more...]

Clara Miller’s Four Horsemen

Clara Miller from the Nonprofit Finance Fund works with nonprofits at all stages of crisis -- from the highly stable and responsive to the oppressively unstable and inert. Some are going with flow of the economic thrill ride, others are hanging on by their fingertips. She summarizes the key challenges that have been plaguing nonprofits in all industries in her recent article for the Nonprofit Quarterly, ominously titled ''The Four Horsemen of the Nonprofit Financial Apocalypse.''If one horseman visits you, you'll feel the pinch. If they arrive … [Read more...]