See me, hear me (cont’d)

Marks-Brantley-Teachout2-May2014From time to time I appear on Theater Talk, the long-running TV series in which Susan Haskins, Michael Riedel, and their guests survey the New York theater scene. In this week’s episode, I discuss the Broadway season just past in the company of two of my colleagues, Ben Brantley of the New York Times and Peter Marks of the Washington Post. As usual, we had fun talking about the shows we liked—and loathed.

The episode will air on New York’s Channel 13 at one a.m. on Saturday (i.e., late Friday night). It will then be replayed on CUNY-TV throughout the weekend and on Monday, after which it will be archived for web-based viewing. I’ll link to it then.

For more information, including other air times in the New York area, go Theater Talk.

Take a look.

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