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May 22, 2012

TT: Up to the nanosecond

I just ran across this 2010 posting by a blogger named Alec Hanley Bemis:


Terry Teachout's love of theater, his leisurely pacing, and his old-fashioned-ish musical tastes sometimes leave me with the impression that he's a bit out-of-step with contemporary culture. But then he contributes a column that's so on it snaps into focus just how with it he is, how much he understands the pulse of contemporary life. Finally, the tastes reflected in his column are not his notion of the zeitgeist; rather they are personal appeals on behalf of art he loves. (Reminder: There's no shame in being a critic who gets to write about what they like--popular tastes be damned--as long as they don't pretend their vision of the world is the world.)

Seeing as how Mrs. T is always after me for not being sufficiently "with it," I wish to proclaim my profound gratitude to Mr. Bemis for giving me a rhetorical stick with which to beat my wife over the head. Take that, spouse!

Posted May 22, 2012 12:00 AM

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