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November 11, 2010

TT: So you want to see a show?

Here's my list of recommended Broadway, off-Broadway, and out-of-town shows, updated weekly. In all cases, I gave these shows favorable reviews (if sometimes qualifiedly so) in The Wall Street Journal when they opened. For more information, click on the title.

Warning: Broadway shows marked with an asterisk were sold out, or nearly so, last week.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (musical, PG-13/R, reviewed here)
La Cage aux Folles (musical, PG-13, adult subject matter, reviewed here)
Driving Miss Daisy * (drama, G, possible for smart children, closes Jan. 29, reviewed here)
Fela! (musical, PG-13, adult subject matter, closes Jan. 2, reviewed here)
Lombardi (drama, G/PG-13, a modest amount of adult subject matter, reviewed here)
The Merchant of Venice * (Shakespeare, PG-13, adult subject matter, closes Jan. 9, reviewed here)
Million Dollar Quartet (jukebox musical, G, reviewed here)
The Pitmen Painters (serious comedy, G, too demanding for children, closes Dec. 12, reviewed here)

Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps (comedy, G, suitable for bright children, original Broadway production reviewed here)
Angels in America (drama, PG-13/R, adult subject matter, closes Feb. 20, reviewed here)
Avenue Q (musical, R, adult subject matter and one show-stopping scene of puppet-on-puppet sex, reviewed here)
The Fantasticks (musical, G, suitable for children capable of enjoying a love story, reviewed here)

A Life in the Theatre (serious comedy, PG-13, closes Nov. 28, reviewed here)

Night and Day (serious comedy, PG-13, reviewed here)

Posted November 11, 2010 12:00 AM

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