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March 28, 2010


H.L. Mencken, Notes on Democracy. Underrated by critics ever since its original publication in 1926, Mencken's pithy "treatise" on democracy (he wrote similar books on religion and morals) was reprinted last fall by Dissident Books in a paperback edition. It is greatly deserving of a new audience. For all the inescapable limitations of Mencken's damn-the-boobs point of view, Notes on Democracy, in addition to being among the most personal of his books, is also the most artfully written and least well known of his many essays on democracy and its discontents. If you're feeling disillusioned with the wisdom of the masses--no matter what your reasons--you'll find it grimly amusing and hugely diverting (TT).

Posted March 28, 2010 7:01 PM

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