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December 11, 2007

TT: Film at five-thirty

A cameraman from WCBS-TV is taping me as I type these words.

Here's the backstory: No sooner did I return home from this morning's press conference at Avery Fisher Hall than I got a call from a TV producer who wanted to know if I'd do an on-camera interview about the New York Philharmonic's visit to North Korea for Channel 2's five-thirty newscast. I said I'd talk to them if (A) they sent the camera crew to my apartment and (B) the interview was wrapped up by three o'clock. (I'm taping a Contentions videoblog this afternoon.) The producer agreed, and an hour later Deborah Garcia was knocking on my door.

Once we'd finished taping the interview, Deborah's cameraman asked if he could shoot what in the TV news business is known as B-roll. He suggested that I walk into my office, sit down at my desk, and spend a minute or two clacking away on my laptop. I decided that it would be way meta if I were to blog on camera, which is what I'm doing.

To see how much of the interview (if any) makes it onto the air, tune into WCBS at 5:30 ET and cross your fingers. If you don't live in or near New York City, you can go here to watch me--or not--in streaming video.

Posted December 11, 2007 2:26 PM

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