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February 7, 2007

OGIC: Amuse-bouche and a promise

This post begins identically to almost every non-business email I write lately: "Long time no talk to. My fault entirely."

Oh, I'm bad, here and there. And believe me, I do suffer for my sins. I miss the heady days when email was new and almost exclusively a mode of diarizing and dishing to friends both far and near (sometimes across the very room) and I had oodles of energy for long, sprawling, lovingly composed e-epistles. Terry and I, cementing over the internet what was still a nascent friendship, wrote to each other what seem, in retrospect, like chapters of autobiographies. Doubtless those few years are the best documented of my life, even if the documentation now exists only in files on Zip disks, and me without a working Zip drive.

Back to the less thoroughly chronicled here and now, however. I owe you some blogging, big time. And I plan on honoring my debt this evening and tomorrow. In the meantime, I couldnít wait even that long to share something youíll have seen if youíre an Arts & Letters Daily reader: this tremendously smart and entertaining Clive James review of the endless new Kingsley Amis biography by Zachary Leader. If you saw it but didn't read it, perhaps you were daunted by its length. Don't be. By the time I'd read a quarter of it, I was wishing it were longer. James's piece is more than a review, really; It has its own forceful ideas about the life, work, and reception of Sir Kingsley, all of them well considered, sparklingly put forth, and strikingly humane, especially at their most contrarian. Iíve had Amises on the brain lately, about which more later; for now, treat yourself to this happily lengthy, end-to-end diverting piece.

Posted February 7, 2007 1:16 AM

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