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June 2, 2006

TT and OGIC: Feedback

A reader writes, apropos of Terry's recent trip to Chicago:

Dear OGIC and Terry:

No time for hot dogs, but I had a day in Chicago worthy of you both yesterday. I put the "Gone Fishing" sign on the door and lit out early from Milwaukee to Chicago, where I caught the matinee Henry IV at the Chicago Shakes. Terry, I'm with Harold Bloom on Falstaff, meaning I think more of him and his code of life-affirming values and less of Hal than you do, but it speaks volumes for how wonderfully this play was done--and of how great the play itself is--that what I saw yesterday supports my interpretation as well as your own. And thanks for the tip on the box lunches--it sure beat the power bar I would have been eating otherwise.

It was then on to Hyde Park, for an evening with Lettice and Lovage. I thought the plot was a bit spotty, but the deadly earnest and real nature of the dialogue, combined with large dollops of humor and tremendous acting, made it a perfect complement to the Shakespeare.

OK, so I didn't get back to Milwaukee until 1 this morning. And yes, I had to get up for work at 6. And yes, I'm exhausted as I write these words. But I wouldn't trade my day for anything in the world. There are few things in life as wonderful as good theater. One of them is knowing that there are people like the two of you to whom I can write and on whom I can count to understand exactly what I mean.

And another is having readers like this. Many thanks.

Posted June 2, 2006 12:00 PM

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